Fitness Tech Startup Portl Launches AI Smart Fitness Mirror

AI Smart Fitness Mirror: Portl, a startup in the fitness technology industry, announced today the release of its ground-breaking Smart Mirror-based personalized fitness & wellness solution. Exclusively in Delhi-NCR, the life-size interactive fitness mirror with biosensors, HD cameras, and edge AI processing will now be easily accessible to nearby people who are fitness-conscious.

The Portl Studio offers personalized on-demand and live classes in 16 different workout formats, goes beyond fitness by emphasizing holistic health improvement through nutrition recommendations and mental wellness services and serves a wider audience in addition to fitness enthusiasts. While a user performs workouts in front of a mirror, the intelligent sensors improve their form and posture in real time.

Services are customized to each person’s needs, taking into account their preferences, current health issues, and other factors. This ensures that the world-class instructors at Portl are providing extremely pertinent and interesting content. Together, the Smart Mirror offers customers a high level of personalization, form-analysis, and feedback, a selection of workout options, performance tracking, schedule flexibility, and affordability.

As a huge fitness and sports enthusiast, Mr. Indraneel Gupta who is the Co-Founder of Portl, stated at the launch, “I have always believed in change. We were able to think in terms of something that fits everyone and has no logistical problems because the pandemic altered the dynamics of health and fitness for everyone. A technologically advanced fitness solution that will meet everyone’s needs is this AI-based Smart mirror. Building on the reputation for excellent customer service held by Lodhi Sports, we intend to introduce the most cutting-edge sports and fitness technologies to the Indian market”.

Indraneel founded Portl in late 2020 together with his co-founders Vishal Chandapeta and Armaan Kandhari with the goal of addressing the challenges of Fitness & Wellness personalization at scale and developing an all-encompassing health solution for end-users. His vision is that, through its assortment of hardware, software, and services, Portl will become a personalized companion for everyone’s health, fitness, and lifestyle.

The Hyderabad, India-based technology business Portl creates and produces the exclusive Portl line of Smart Mirror gadgets, which essentially serve as a personalized and on-demand fitness trainer, digital health, and wellness companion. The company uses cutting-edge AI for Exercise Form-feedback and end-to-end program customization in order to provide inexpensive access to high-quality and tailored fitness and wellness. The Portl Studio is the ecosystem’s main product and is first accessible in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi before being made available in further locations. The long-term uses of Portl’s present solutions, which are in the fitness, health monitoring, and wellness sectors, are expanding into the healthcare, fashion, and lifestyle industries through its Smart Mirror platform and related products.