B2B SaaS Startup ElevateHQ Raises Fund in a Pre-Seed Round

B2B SaaS startup ElevateHQ in India-Singapore has raised $1.1 million in a pre-seed fundraising round headed by Leo Capital. Veda.VC, PointOne Capital, and 100X Entrepreneurs were among the additional investors who took part in the investment round. ElevateHQ declared that it would put the money to use hiring new staff, improving existing products, and expanding its presence in the North American market.

Dinesh Singh, Partner at Leo Capital, commented on the investment in ElevateHQ saying, “We believe ElevateHQ is ideally positioned to service worldwide customers and will become the go-to solution for sales operations and enablement teams. We are overjoyed to support them on this adventure”.

In order for the product to develop across a wide range of commission plans, team sizes, and structures, ElevateHQ concentrated on serving a diverse customer base during its early stages of growth. According to a statement from the start-up, it intends to take advantage of this strength and double its clientele by about ten during the course of the following year.

ElevateHQ, a company launched by Apoorv Singh and Kartik Arora last year, uses its Sales Commission Automation platform to assist businesses in inspiring their sales staff and enhancing performance. Customers of the platform are located in the USA, Europe, and Asia, and it automates sales commissions for businesses in the pharmaceutical, insurance, education, services, and SaaS sectors.

Airmeet, Mercer-Mettl, Edgepetrol, LeverageEdu, Vymo, FreshConsulting ESCO, and Horangi are a few of the businesses that use the platform.

“Our software makes it possible for organizations to use incentives as a sales enablement rather than a burden by eliminating the tedious work, ambiguity, and inaccuracies involved with manual commission computation. Our objective is straightforward; we want to standardize real-time, transparent commissions for sales teams”, said ElevateHQ co-founder and CEO Apoorv Singh.

“Today, you can automate any commission rule under the sun with our no-code commission builder,” he continued.