Edtech Startup Upsurge Raises 3crore Fund From JCBL India

Edtech Startup Upsurge has received Rs 3 crore in a pre-seed fundraising round spearheaded by JCBL India, Rishi Aggarwal’s family office. The cash will be used to boost platform growth, create content, and broaden its audience.

The upswing is a Delhi-based edtech start-up with a gaming focus that was founded in 2021 by Karan Baweja. It seeks to teach kids valuable life skills through its exclusive games, interactive game-based courses, and incentives. According to reports, the courses and programmes are made to help youngsters develop abilities like problem-solving, leadership, communication, critical thinking, and creativity through the use of gamified learning and positive reinforcement.

“Life skills and financial literacy are becoming more and more crucial competencies in today’s society, and we think that teaching young people these vital lessons through an interactive and fun approach is the best way to do so. As we seek to equip the next generation with the skills they need to succeed, we are grateful for the support of our investors”, said Karan Baweja who is the founder and CEO of upsurge.

Rishi Aggarwal who is the managing director (MD) of JCBL India, said, “Investing in the financial literacy and life skills of children in their early years is not only excellent for their future, but it is also an investment in the future of our society”.

Only 27% of Indians were financially literate in 2019, according to a National Center for Financial Education survey.

According to upsurge, educating kids about money management is crucial for preparing them for financial success in the future. It also stressed the need for financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and skill development in a quickly digitizing society.