Software Business Collaboration: India Accelerator and Triarchh Ventures

India Accelerator and Triarchh Ventures: In order to support the growth of software businesses in the sports, health, and wellness ecosystem, India Accelerator (only India’s mentorship-driven accelerator with GAN support) recently established cooperation with Mumbai-based Triarchh Ventures, a venture development company. The firms hope to establish an efficient cycle for finding, mentoring, funding, and growing entrepreneurs in the sports, health, and wellness tech sectors as part of their strategic alliance.

A pipeline of entrepreneurs suitable for mentorship, accelerator programs, and venture development help will be curated and shortlisted by India Accelerator and Triarchh Ventures together. According to the agreement, both businesses will develop a joint strategy for engaging in the market to advance technology in the sports and wellness ecosystem and encourage technological innovation.

Abhay Chawla, Co-Founder & COO of India Accelerator happily said, “We are thrilled to announce our relationship with Triarchh with a focus on assisting tech businesses to build products and services that have real-world relevance and impact, We want to bring additional value to the thriving startup ecosystem in India, which is supported by the government and stimulated by cutting-edge and developing technologies, with our entry into the sports, health, and wellness space”.

John Gloster, the founding partner of Triarchh Ventures, commented on the collaboration, “The sports, health, and wellness tech sector in India is still expanding with many early-stage firms trying to harness the tremendous market potential. Through our relationship with India Accelerator, we will be able to further our commitment to helping, enhancing, and accelerating some of these tech-enabled businesses in this enormous ecosystem and assisting them in their paths toward business model innovation”.

Both sides will contribute their own strengths, skills, and resources to the cooperation, which will be used to mentor companies, scale product and business development, and facilitate funding. Triarchh Ventures will help the shortlisted firms with venture development, while India Accelerator will offer mentoring and accelerator programs to them.