Sequoia’s Pathfinders:A Go-to-Market Platform To Help Early Stage Startup

Sequoia’s Pathfinders: Go-to-market platform Pathfinders developed by Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia assists early-stage startups aiming to enter foreign markets in connecting with the appropriate sector operators in these countries.

By using the platform, founders can describe whatever assistance they desire and are connected with the appropriate industry “Pathfinders” who will spend their time assisting these firms to enter newer geographies.

As a part of the Pathfinders platform, Sequoia is collaborating with six startups, and it hopes to expand this practice to include its seed portfolio of Series A startups.

According to managing director Harshjit Sethi, the platform could be expanded to include growth-stage startups in Sequoia’s portfolio even though it presently caters to early-stage founders.

“When selecting pathfinders, we look for individuals who can bring a great deal of value and have achieved remarkable success and scale. Since these early-stage entrepreneurs require tactical and hands-on assistance, “active help” is the second major area of emphasis for the Pathfinders program. Therefore, it is necessary for pathfinders (industry operators) to have the time and resources to achieve it”, Sethi added.

It is now seeking operators in the United States and Europe and will be extending to additional global regions such as Latin America and Australia.