Samsung Work With Indian Startups on Digital Transition

Samsung, a manufacturer of consumer goods, announced on Thursday that, in order to hasten its digital technologies in India, it will collaborate with startups on digital transition related to the government’s Digital India stack.

According to a statement released by Samsung, the business is asking to engage Startups on Digital Transition like UPI, DigiLocker, Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN), and Unified Health Interface (UHI), among others.

Startups will collaborate with Samsung’s R&D facilities and business units in India as part of this on topics like wallets, health, and fitness, where goods and services will be connected into the ecosystem of the company, it was noted.

Additionally, it will give some of these businesses financial support, assisting them in growing their business and their solution.

Earlier this week, the South Korean company hosted a Startup Collab event in Bengaluru where about 25 businesses from all over India interacted with its management.

According to the statement, “Samsung R&D centres and business units in India will collaborate closely with startups to co-build solutions for a particular product or service that has the potential to be integrated with Samsung’s product ecosystem.”

The company’s engineers, who specialise in fields including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things (IoT), big data, and the metaverse, will also mentor these entrepreneurs in technical matters and, as necessary, offer advice on how to safeguard their intellectual property.

Dipesh Shah, the managing director of the Samsung R&D Institute Bengaluru, stated: “The Government’s Digital India stack is innovative and has the potential to change the way several sectors operate. We want to work with entrepreneurs that are developing cutting-edge solutions in this field that, when included into the Samsung ecosystem, have the potential to alter people’s lives and those of our customers.