Realising Dreams of Instant On-Demand Loans – Realising Dreams of Instant On-Demand Loans
Leveraging technology to cater to the retail loan requirements of people from every walk of life, – an on-demand loan platform – is making a difference in the way people borrowed loans traditionally.

Founded by Satchit Hasabnis and Sanket Hasabnis, offers a comprehensive platform where users can not only compare details about loans offered by various banks and financial institutions, but also avail end-to-end services from application to loan disbursement in a very swift and efficient manner.

The founders, Satchit Hasabnis, a Chartered Financial Analyst and MBA with experience in working with leading global banks, and Sanket Hasabnis, a third generation Chartered Accountant with expertise in Trade Finance and Retail Finance, believe that people must have an access to fast and easy loans for various purposes and of various amounts; from as small as a few thousand rupees to millions of rupees.

“The market for financial services today is huge and fintech has become one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Through, we wanted to bridge the gap between customers and access to credit. In today’s fast paced world, no one wishes to spend more time than required for a task, and when it is about loans, a layman could be unsure which product will work for them or which bank is suitable and how much of loan tenure is perfect for their needs,” explains Sanket Hasabnis, co-founder,

About uses ace technology to create a borrower-friendly loan marketplace, helping people by offering them direct access to top banks and NBFCs on the website, where they can compare, select and apply for various kinds of paperless loans and financial offerings in just few clicks. goes beyond being a simple loan comparison platform – to help save time, effort and money and ensure that people can find loans that are tailored to their individual requirements, the portal offers a slew of solutions and features including latest loan deals, easy-to-use financial calculators, an educating blog as well as end-to-end customer service throughout the lending process.

“Despite a large number of financial companies offering loans, offers customers the required financial assistance. This starts right from a person visiting website till the moment they receive the loan. We serve credible information of myriad loan schemes and all our services are free-of-cost. By catering to people of different income groups, we cater to the credit needs of everyone,” adds Satchit Hasabnis, co-founder,

Indeed, is catering to different income groups and different loan requirements through specially tailored products that were unheard of until now. Apart from traditional loans such as Business Loans, Personal Loans, Loan against Property, Auto Loans, Education Loans and Home Loans, also offers School Fee Loan for up to a lakh to manage finances for school fees, vocational courses, certification course, hobby courses, etc.

Recently, introduced its flagship product, Payday Loans / short term loans, in Mumbai. These small cash loans make it possible to borrow a small amount of money within a day. Without even stepping out of home, borrowers can receive funds within 24 hours of applying online. What makes the process so fast is the sophisticated technology applied by the company. Sanket explains: “The algorithm is built in such a way that the eligibility of users is calculated within seconds. The algo also takes into account the online social footprint of the users, their online behavior, along with their credit score as well.”’s P2P (Peer to Peer lending) product will also be live in the coming month. The platform will help the potential borrowers get loans from individual lenders at competitive interest rates.

Excited about the new offering, Sanket adds: “We believe P2P financing is a great product. Both the parties, the lender and the borrower, are benefited and, as facilitators, we take onus for the creditworthiness of the borrower and successful completion of the transaction.” secured a seed funding of INR 2 Crore, and today, the startup employs a team of 15 members and has over 5,000 satisfied customers.

Loans, in a snap

A loan application on takes only a few minutes to get processed. The platform offers complete information about loan products and gives free access to essential tools such as loan eligibility calculator and loan EMI calculator, so that customers can make an informed choice. The customer service is accessible online through live chat, email or toll free number to call in.

“We had a lady applying for a small cash loan of INR 30,000 to meet some emergency medical expenses as her salary was yet to be credited and her savings were falling short by this small amount. As we have a quick loan application system, all she had to do was share her loan requirement and we directed her to a small cash loan service. She was pleasantly surprised when the amount was disbursed in her bank account the same day. Similarly, personal loan applications take as less as 48 hours to be processed on the portal,” explains Sanket, reaffirming just how quick and easy it is to get a loan on the platform. He explains that often users are not sure about which product to choose or what documents are required to apply for a loan, but the experts at handhold all their users, explaining to them all the nuances along the way.

In a blooming market where tech-savvy Millennials are borrowing more than ever, platforms like are offering a convenient mode of obtaining quick and easy loans – even to pay for one’s guitar lessons. And this is the reason why is gaining lot of traction in such a short period of time. The startup caters to over 15,000 users each month!