Digital Stalwarts Help Businesses Hack Positive Growth

Everyone needs motivation to excel in life, especially startups – the young companies working hard to spread their wings and soar. Often, the lessons they learn are from their own mistakes, and these mistakes could cost dearly.

Finally, startups can breathe a sigh of relief. Self-development and motivational coach, Ane Krstevska, who is helping thousands of people worldwide lead happier lives through her acclaimed blog, SelfDevelopShop ( ), has decided to collaborate with Mirko Ceselkoski (, whose Midas touch has helped hundreds of businesses blossom and strike gold.

Mirko is a digital marketing expert, who, with his team, has helped many businesses establish their online presence with over 15 million FB fans and more than 250k unique visitors daily on their various websites. He runs a basic educational program – How To Start Internet Business from Home, which is currently being translated to English. Apart from that, he also offers an advanced course, Internet Marketing University 2017, which is a one-year in-depth online course, providing invaluable training to students to start, nurture and market online businesses effectively. A big portion of the syllabus is dedicated to the mastery of Facebook.

With more than 500 students, offline and online, and earnings of over $5 million per month (combined) for all the students, there is no denying the value of the training imparted by Mirko, at a time when the Internet is flooded with digital marketing courses, making it hard to distinguish the really useful one. Mirko, who was also featured in the WIRED Magazine, aims to expand the services globally.

“Our aim is not just to grow, but see others around us grow. We want to be able to provide the right knowledge and tools to entrepreneurs so that they can market as well as manage their online business, efficiently,” says Ane, a seasoned HR professional, digital entrepreneur, self-development coach and also one of the most successful students of Mirko. She is also one of the guest speakers/trainers in Mirko’s Internet Marketing Academy.

Ane and Mirko, who have both appeared on CNN and are currently involved in filming a documentary movie with an Oscar-nominated documentary director and producer featuring their successful businesses, have joined hands to spearhead the training for entrepreneurs and those seeking to build online businesses. They help business owners set up and administer FB pages for their businesses, ensuring their brands get the visibility they deserve. Different packages are available to fit different budgets.

“While SelfDevelopShop is a self-improvement community open to bloggers worldwide for contribution ( ) in order to help each person cope with their daily lives in a positive manner, “Managing Businesses Grow” focuses on local businesses who want to expand their footprint and improve/enhance their digital presence,” explains Ane, who is glad at the positive imprints made by her ventures globally. Ane and Mirko can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.