Peak XV Surge Accelerator Welcomes 13 Startups in Its Ninth Cohort

The ninth cohort of early-stage firms in Peak XV Partners fast scale-up programme Surge has begun with 32 founders from 13 startups.

With the addition of businesses situated in Australia, Cohort 09 marks the first time that Peak XV has ventured into a larger Asia-Pacific region after rebranding from Sequoia India & Southeast Asia.

It is noteworthy that ten of the thirteen startups are centered around artificial intelligence (AI) and deeptech, with businesses operating in advanced manufacturing, quantum computing, health tech, and climate tech, among other areas.

Surge 09 will feature four South East Asian and seven Indian businesses, plus two Australian ones. India is home to Ethereal Machines, Elivaas, Incore, Mindgrove, Newtrace, and ZeroK, while one firm is still under stealth.

Twelve startups from India and Southeast Asia are part of the ninth batch, which Surge announced in March.

“It is evident that we are seeing the amazing rise of AI and deep tech innovation, as well as the abundance of talent in these fields rising from Asia, as we begin new company-building experiences with our Surge 09 founders.  Rajan Anandan, managing director of Peak XV and Surge, stated, “We are thrilled to be leading the way in innovation with our driven entrepreneurs, who are breaking new ground in fascinating, cutting-edge technologies by using their knowledge.”

In less than five years, Surge has expanded to include over 140 firms in 16 categories and over 330 entrepreneurs. In follow-on fundraising, Surge startups have raised over $2 billion in total so far.