India Fintech Forum Ignites Financial Education with Fintech Olympiad

Today, the Fintech Olympiad’s first edition was officially launched by the India FinTech Forum. The Olympiad aims to promote financial awareness among college students and is supported by leading companies in the sector, such as Zerodha, CashRich, and Clear.

The competition received 2000 college applications

The Fintech Olympiad 2023 is a tournament focused on financial literacy that is supported by the Maharashtra State Innovation Society in association with Unstop.

It has received applications thus far from more than 2,000 colleges throughout the world. Students from Hong Kong, France, the USA, Indonesia, Switzerland, the UK, and Vietnam have also entered the competition, which features a sizable contingent of players from Indian universities.

How will pupils profit from it?

The goal of the Fintech Olympiad is to give students a foundational understanding of managing their personal finances as well as engaging insights into the fintech sector.

It consists of three distinct stages, including an exciting grand finale planned for Mumbai. Students who register get access to carefully selected online learning resources that prepare them for the competition by giving them the knowledge and skills needed.

Content curation makes sure that students have access to top-notch educational resources and are not dependent on “Finfluencers” who might not produce the best material for financial education. The following two unique stages of the competition are the online proctored exam and the self-assessment exam.

Winners will have the opportunity to connect with fintech businesses

Finalists will compete for prestigious Fintech Olympiad awards at a major fintech event in Mumbai that will mark the competition’s conclusion. According to a press release, winners will also have the chance to network with leading individuals from fintech companies, banks, and financial institutions at IFTA 2023.

Industry heavyweights, including Sanjay Jain, Partner at Bharat Innovation Fund, Vikram Gupta, Managing Partner at IvyCap Ventures, and Nilesh Shah, MD of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management, will be present at the hybrid event, which is slated on November 1 at IFTA 2023 in Mumbai.

IFTA: What is it?

The India finance Forum is hosting IFTA 2023, an annual event that brings together the most innovative minds in the finance sector. This includes over 4,000 cutting-edge fintech businesses and a network of 35,000 industry aficionados.

The gathering acts as a hub for cooperation, innovation, and policy discussion, reiterating India’s significant position in the world of fintech. 

Attendees can network, learn from business experts, see the newest financial products, and have debates about how to encourage innovation through regulations.