Octanom Tech Launched HEDGED – A Trading Solutions Platform

Octanom Tech Launched HEDGED, a platform supported by artificial intelligence and will provide retail investors trading and investment options. Technology company Octanom Tech develops financial market platforms with the goal of becoming “India’s greatest retail movement” for traders and investors.

Retail engagement in the Indian capital market has multiplied in recent years, and this trend is anticipated to remain for the foreseeable future.

Trading in “Hedged” will provide traders with hedged options transactions that are driven by a combination of unique algorithms.

The software startup Octanom Tech said in a release, “its built-in Nifty crash metre, the only predictive tool of its kind, will detect the beginning of a crash or an up surge before it occurs and help investors position their portfolios accordingly”.

In order to shield customers’ capital from market volatility, the platform also provides curated micro-sized investment funds.

The application also offers “Hedged TV,” which will deliver specialised information and education, in an effort to provide pertinent information on trading and investing.

“Over 50% of Indian’s money are invested in bank accounts, which entails a significant loss of opportunity due to subpar returns. India is a market that is ready for a growth spurt, and I think it’s about time that our people, our domestic investors, become active participants and integral beneficiaries of this incredible growth story that is in the making,” said Rahul Ghose who is the founder and CEO of Octanom Tech.

While investment bankers and fund managers have access to technologies that can help them make decisions, Octanom intends to make similar technology available to retail traders and investors.

Over the next two years, the business hopes to revolutionise online retail commerce in both India and the US with three identical platforms.

The Hedged app is accessible through the Google Play Store, and later this month it will also be accessible through the Apple App Store.