Drone Startup Garuda Aerospace Signs MoU With Rallis India

Drone startup Garuda Aerospace announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Tata Chemicals subsidiary Rallis India for the use of drones to spray pesticides and crop fertilisers on fields.

According to a release under the terms of the deal, Rallis would provide Garuda Aerospace with pesticides and crop nutrients for a pilot demonstration and the spraying of pesticides on fields using drones, mostly in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

On roughly 1,000 acres of land, the drone pilots will do demonstrations on crops like paddy, onions, bengal gramme, wheat, and vegetables.

“We are quickly transitioning to a tech-adapted atmosphere as the digital revolution approaches. We have started testing and experimenting with label expansions for our drone spray products. It will be a developing market sector for the industry, and we intend to grow quickly in it” said by S Nagarajan who’s the Chief Operating Officer of Rallis India.

According to him, this is being done in cooperation with companies that offer drone application services for the crop nutrition and crop protection industries.

In keeping with this strategy, this partnership aims to not only inform farmers and channel partners about the benefits of drone applications but also to provide them personal experience with them. Our constant goal is to strengthen agriculture’s resilience. We are confident that our collaboration will strengthen this effort even further .

Garuda Aerospace’s founder and CEO, Agnishwar Jayaprakash stated that, “The partnership will show farmers and the channel partners complete drone service solutions. Additionally, this will make it easier for drone operators to perform more effective farmer demonstrations. We want to provide farmers with employment options and make them Atamanirbhar.”