Digital Mapping Startup MapmyIndia Integrates With Govt ULIP

On Tuesday, publicly traded digital mapping startup MapmyIndia said that the government’s Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) would be connected with its Mappls app.

The Mappls app offers multi-modal route optimization and navigation capabilities, as well as Application Programming Interfaces for long-distance and last-mile travel, the business stated in a statement.

Some of its features include route and journey scores, risk assessment tools based on safety risks, prices, and suitability for the vehicle type that produce the best route planning and notifications for drivers.

Other capabilities include GPS and NavIC Internet of Things (IoT) for tracking commodities movement, fleet and field worker management, and asset management, as well as mGIS geospatial software for planning and analyzing urban and rural logistics infrastructure and connectivity in 2D and 3D.

Other aspects of the app include shared and electric mobility platforms for car Original Equipment Manufacturers, connected vehicles with navigation capabilities, ADAS and autonomous safety, and more.