Stellapps Technologies leveraging Internet of Things in dairy sector

Stellapps Technologies, a daily sector startup, is leveraging modern technology to improve the efficiency of domestic daily sector which predominantly is a labor intensive sector. The company leverages technology to improve agri-supply chain parameters, including milk production, procurement, cold chain and animal insurance, and targets a wide range of customers such as dairy farmers, cooperatives, milk unions, private dairies and dairy equipment manufacturers.
The firm uses smart routers and in-premise IoT Controller to acquire data via sensors that are embedded in milking systems, animal wearables, milk chilling equipment and milk procurement peripherals, and transmit the same to the Stellapps SmartMoo Big Data Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP) where data are analyzed and crunched before disseminating the analytics and data science outcome to various stakeholders.
Stellapps has over 200 customers pan India across the daily industry, and have also sold its solutions to a Dutch company for deployment in Kenya and Nepal. The startup is looking to aggressively expand its business to other emerging markets in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin-America, and other SAARC nations.