Robotics Startup Inker Secures $1.2 Million Fund From AHK Ventures

Robotics Startup Inker which is situated in Thrissur, Kerala, has received $1.2 million in financing from the Kerala StartUp Mission to conduct research and give robotics and futuristic technology education. AHK Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, led the pre-series funding round in which the company raised USD 1.2 million.
Inker Robotics anticipates that the money will allow it to further improve its training delivery platform and generate more engaging content for robotics and emerging technology education. The company’s mission is to empower future generations by educating them about cutting-edge technologies.

Inker Robotics’ founder and MD, Rahul Balachandran, stated in a press statement, “As we endeavor to equip the next generation with the skills they need to be future-ready”.
The first product from this platform will be the Inker Robomaker, which is intended to build an ecosystem by integrating hardware and content to create a vibrant community.
According to the press release, the main goal of Robomaker is to instill a scientific mindset in young people by making learning immersive, experiential, and application-based.
In the meantime, AHK Ventures stated that due to the rapid advancement of technology, young people worldwide need to be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial.
The investment will also be used to promote robotic literacy and awareness among the general public, according to the startup, which aims to make a societal effect by bringing robotics to the masses through its cutting-edge technology.
At the STEM SUMMIT 2019 event held at IIT Delhi, the organization—which includes a 4,500 square foot robotics facility and 80 industry professionals—won the prize for Best Robo Lab Setting in India.
Inker, with headquarters in Thrissur, promotes innovative robotics solutions and cooperative alliances.