LinkedIn Reveals the List of Top Startups of 2022 for India

LinkedIn revealed the Top Startups 2022 India list in the fifth Top Startups edition. CRED, a platform for paying bills, came in first place on the list. UpGrad, an ed-tech firm, is followed in second place by Groww, an online platform for mutual funds and demat trading. There are 25 startups in all.

CRED improved from third place in 2021 to first place in 2022. The startup’s market worth is $6.4 billion. It has become a well-known brand because of its humorous advertisements that feature celebrities from Bollywood and the sports world. But that wasn’t the only factor in its victory over the competition. CRED quickly climbed to the top spot due to its emphasis on employee welfare. A company that is genuine of its time, CRED provides its staff with advantages including ElderCare, egg freezing, and one-on-one help for mental wellness.

UpGrad has also demonstrated fortitude and expansion during difficult times. While the colleges were still closed due to COVID, upGrad expanded into one of the biggest online higher education platforms in the nation.

LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 – India

  1. CRED
  2. upGrad
  3. Groww
  4. Zepto
  5. Skyroot Aerospace
  6. MBA Chai Wala
  7. Spinny
  8. The Good Glamm Group
  9. GrowthSchool
  10. BluSmart
  11. ShareChat
  12. Ditto Insurance
  13. Simpl
  14. Rapido
  15. Classplus
  16. Park+
  17. BlissClub
  18. DealShare
  19. Ultrahuman
  20. Living Food
  21. FamPay
  22. AgniKul Cosmos
  23. Stanza Living
  24. Pocket FM
  25. Zypp Electric

According to LinkedIn News India’s managing editor, Nirajita Banerjee, “The Indian startup ecosystem has incredible resilience as we continue to witness the rise of new firms, with 68% of entries on the list coming for the first time. By maximizing their businesses for sustainable growth and adopting a more cautious approach to developing their operations, these firms are navigating the ambiguous macroenvironment. It’s also encouraging to see young professionals embracing India’s startup environment; of the top 25 startups, 56% of new recruits were under 30 and 17% were under 25. For job seekers eager for the chance to create, address significant issues, and develop their abilities within these firms, this list is a fantastic resource”.

The ranking was created using factors such as employment growth, engagement, job interest, and the recruitment of elite talent. Over the specified time frame, an increase of at least 10% in employment growth as a proportion of headcount increase has been taken into consideration. Data from all qualified startups was normalized. The methodology’s time period runs from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.

For inclusion on the list, a company must be 100 percent independent, privately held, employ 50 or more full-time workers, be no more than 7 years old, and have its headquarters in the nation. The list excludes think tanks, staffing companies, law firms, venture capital firms, management and IT consulting businesses, non-profits and philanthropy, accelerators, and government-owned organizations. Additionally, start-ups that fired more than 20% of their staff during the specified time period were also disqualified.