India-Bangladesh Partnership for Startups, AI & More!

India-Bangladesh partnership: On Sunday, India, and Bangladesh agreed to expand their strategic relationship to include artificial intelligence, cyber security, startups, and Fintech, as well as boosting links in the railroad sector and cross-border river management and conservation.

This was determined during the 7th Joint Consultative Commission meeting held here on Sunday evening between the two foreign ministers, S Jaishankar and AK Abdul Momen.

Jaishankar said in his opening comments,”…we now look forward to collaborating with you to take our relations to new domains—Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, startups, Fintech. We were delighted to welcome your Minister of Information and Communications Technology. We just had a very pleasant visit from your railway minister, and I am pleased to deepen our collaboration on railway system upgrades. We have 54 rivers in common. Comprehensive river management and conservation, as well as our shared environmental duty, particularly in the Sundarbans, are all areas where we must collaborate as part of our commitment to climate change.”

Border security was also a top focus for the partnership. “Improved border control is another major priority. Our Border Guard Forces are fully committed to combating cross-border crime. We must continue to work together to guarantee that the border remains crime-free, “he added.

The JCC also discussed subregional cooperation in the realm of energy, particularly hydropower. “We are also the region’s leading energy producer and user. And, we’d be delighted to collaborate with Bangladesh to build a forward-thinking collaboration in production, transmission, and commerce,” Jaishankar added.