EU-India InnoCenter Introduce Innovative Tech Startups in India

The EU-India InnoCenter, a project supported by the European Union’s research and innovation framework program, brings high-impact and distinctive tech startups with a focus on sustainability-tech, deep-tech, logistics, and mobility that will strengthen the emerging tech talent pool while diversifying the technology outlook in the nation.

In these economic areas, the combination of European R&D and government investment in enhancing the same will automate, digitize, and decarbonize the Indian market. It will also foster deeper collaboration and innovation between European entrepreneurs and the Indian industrial ecosystem.

By bringing entrepreneurs from Europe and Indian stakeholders together through this program, the EU, one of India’s top trading partners and foreign investors, hopes to strengthen collaboration and innovation. By working with Indian stakeholders, the program helps businesses to investigate the Indian market, evaluate their products, and discover opportunities and rules relevant to their industry.

Since the project’s launch in 2021, over 400 European businesses have been assessed by InnoCenter based on their level of development (post-series A funded), annual recurring value, growth pace, and IP that can be defended in India. The firms that made the selection are dedicated to expanding in the Indian market and possess a high potential. 280+ Indian businesses and India-based MNCs like Mahindra, Reliance, Adani Ports and Logistics, ITC Limited, etc. have been matched with 40+ European Scaleups thus far by the EU-India InnocCenter.

Juliane Frömmter, the head of the program at the EU-India InnoCenter, stated that “The technologies developed by these startups show a great deal of promise for assisting Indian businesses in automating, digitizing, and decarbonizing particular industries. To choose businesses with high-impact technology in fields that need more R&D in India, we have changed our methodology. We are confident that these firms would transfer technology and know-how while employing locals for manufacturing and the market in India”.

The EU-India InnoCenter initiative has additional intentions to grow, enabling Indian businesses to investigate the European market.