Dell Acquires Startup Cloudify To Boost Cloud Service Business

Dell acquires Startup Cloudify with a reputation for cloud orchestration and infrastructure automation. Dell spent close to $100 million to acquire the startup in order to expand its cloud services division particularly its DevOps products.

TechCrunch quotes a corporate representative as saying that, “Dell Technologies has concluded the acquisition of Cloudify”.

The company said, “This deal enables Dell to innovate our edge offerings”.

Dell mentioned the issuance of Class C common stock in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in respect of certain outstanding and unvested options to acquire the common shares of Israeli limited liability corporation Cloudify Platform Ltd.

A novel approach merges current automation tools, infrastructure, and networking into verifiable blueprints under the name Cloudify, an open-source multi-cloud orchestration platform.

In 2017, the startup Cloudify and GigaSpaces were initially split apart. PitchBook records indicate that the company raised less than $8 million.

According to its users, Cloudify’s environment-as-a-service may assist bridge the gap between DevOps and IT service management and manage heterogeneous cloud environments at scale by merging infrastructure, networking, and automation technologies into approved designs (ITSM).

Companies like F5, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and ServiceNow are part of the Cloudify technological ecosystem.