CIEL HR Services Launches a Hiring Platform for Startups &SMEs

The Chennai-based CIEL HR Services has introduced a new hiring platform for startups & SMEs called CIEL Rapid to help with effective hiring for startups and SMEs.

Startups and SME employers will have complete flexibility from CIEL Rapid to select and choose the services they need and to fill their hiring requirements. It offers the fastest response time in the market by providing three services: profile sourcing, interview coordination, and final select follow-ups. The tool, designed for startups and SMEs, facilitates the hiring process by disseminating verified profiles of possible candidates and aids in the scheduling of interviews. Customers can select the service for which they need help and just pay for that particular service.

The executive chair of CIEL Group, K. Pandia Rajan, stated: “CIEL Rapid has the ability to revolutionize the hiring environment for SMEs and startups, not just in urban but also in rural areas of our country. Over the upcoming quarters, our goal should be to reach at least 10% of the addressable market.

The managing director and CEO, Aditya Narayan Mishra, stated that this idea was formed with the knowledge that startups were continually in need of hiring talent swiftly but lacked the resources to hand-pick suitable individuals. “Many startups and SMEs are either bootstrapped or are in the early phases of investment, they tend to spend their money carefully. Our platform is therefore created to meet their demands and make hiring easier for startups and SMEs. We have taught recruiters to offer employment openings impactfully, screen candidates, and validate the ideal ones.” he continued.

According to information provided by the CIEL Group, India’s thriving startup ecosystem has generated 7.68 lakh employment over the past six years. In India, there are more than 7.9 million MSMEs that produce 11.1 crore jobs and contribute over 30% of the country’s GDP.