30 Indian startups raised more than $172 million in funding last week

Last week witnessed a remarkable surge in funding activities within the Indian startup ecosystem, as emerging ventures continued to attract substantial investments. According to recent reports from Entrackr, a total of 30 startups successfully raised funds, collectively amassing over $172.71 million across the nation.

The funding landscape was diverse, comprising a mix of growth-stage and early-stage deals. Among the 16 early-stage deals reported, several startups chose not to disclose the exact amount raised, leaving the total at an impressive $125.73 million. Meanwhile, eight growth-stage startups secured an astounding $130.1 million in funding, showcasing investors’ confidence in their potential for expansion and scalability.

Leading the pack in terms of debt funding was Ola Electric, helmed by the visionary leadership of Bhavish Agarwal, which secured a substantial $50 million. Noteworthy mentions include SingleInterface, a hyperlocal marketing-to-commerce software platform, NBFC Infinity Fincorp, Nivara Home Finance, Innoviti, and M2P Fintech, each securing significant sums ranging from $4.2 million to $30 million.

Furthermore, early-stage startups made significant strides, with a total of $42.61 million in funding. Standout performers in this category included Traya, a direct-to-consumer health and wellness brand, followed by BeepKart, SiftHub, Planys, and Metalbook.

The geographical distribution of funding deals underscored the widespread entrepreneurial activity across India. Bengaluru emerged as the frontrunner, with 11 funding deals, closely followed by Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, and Hyderabad, highlighting the diverse and dynamic nature of the startup ecosystem in these regions.

In summary, last week’s funding landscape reflects the resilience and innovation inherent within the Indian startup ecosystem, as entrepreneurs continue to chart new paths and attract investment in their pursuit of growth and success.