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Why is this Aussie creating waves in India? Conquering Niche markets and helping our Indian Kids get the right career pathways for migration and education.

Why is this Aussie Conquering new markets – migration, education and cosmetic surgery industry – in a go!

Shree, a Singapore-born Aussie-bred Migration and Education Advisor registered with Australian Immigration (often known as a MARA agent) is creating waves in India. Why – you would wonder?

Shree, owing to a break in her career and a twist of fate, embarked on a very interesting and unique journey – combining three very different fields together, chartering her way to conquer the migration, education and cosmetic surgery industry in India. Thanks to her educational background in the fields of Public Health and Juris Doctor in Law.


Shree had been travelling to India for about 5 years, working with her partner, Dr. Surindher, Celebrity Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon from Cosmesis India. They had been analyzing the cosmetic surgery industry in India – thinking how to incorporate Australian standards and practice methods to provide full circle patient care for their clients.

Shree, passionate about genuinely assisting people, noticed a gap in the market for such procedures and put her brain to work with Dr Surindher to see how they could make the process more robust.

“In Australia, people plan their cosmetic surgery from the age of 18, from a nose job to breast augmentation, but here in India they want to get procedures done but are afraid and eventually get it done without the correct pricing, advice and guidance.”

With the aim of putting India on the Medical Tourism map for cosmetic surgery, she established Body by Design Vacations (BBDV) for travelers who need help to travel for cheaper procedures as well as offering a full circle service.

“I wanted to assist people to be their most beautiful and confident selves. Isn’t it true that we all look in the mirror and wish that ‘this’ looked better or ‘that’? In Australia, cosmetic surgery was extremely expensive, and when I had found a surgeon I could trust and had some work done with, it was then that I knew that I was on to something,” says Shree.

Along with BBDV in India, Shree assisted Dr. Surindher in looking into training and establishing his skills and honing in on his craft. They now hope to train over 15,000 nurses in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures over the next 8 years to provide a regulated program to this industry. She is also in talks with Australian colleges to bring their programs to India so that trainees can get an overseas qualification without having to leave the country. This empowers the local market and trains at an international standard.

“In India, everyone is working in silos, and there’s so much of stigma around the subject. We really hope to bring this topic mainstream,” she adds.


Having established her corporate office in Bangalore aimed at giving wings to the aspirations of Indians planning to migrate to Australian and Kiwi shores., two-and-half years into her journey in India, she wanted to see how she could use her law degree, qualifications and expertise in Australia, which led her to launch Vymigrate as a brand.

“I was always practicing alone in Australia, and I never had a ‘brand name’. So, I put everything together under one umbrella to fill another gap in the market,” she quips.


“The Migration and Education industry in India is really unregulated, and there are a lot of cowboys around who don’t give people the correct legal and career advice. Moving to another country involves legal paperwork, and often people feel they can do it on their own, but they forget that every application is assessed against legislation and that’s where I came in.”

Being an Immigration legal advisor, Shree realized the need for clear, concise, genuine advice for Migration and Education Services in India. There was a need for people outside of Australia and New Zealand to get legal information from Australia but had no direct way of getting it other than websites.

Having worked in India with Dr. Surindher, she already had a flavor of working in India, and started Vymigrate to address a big gap in the market – of no legal advice, as people are not always aware that they need to go to registered agents who are police checked and registered after rigorous scrutiny. There are only a couple of full-time MARA agents in India who provide legal advice to those migrating to Australia and New Zealand, and that’s where Vymigrate kicks in – headed by a seasoned MARA agent with a legal background. In fact, this is exactly what sets Vymigrate apart from other companies who operate in the niche without the requisite MARA license.

Shree went on to meet with several institutions only to end up working and assisting in Career Counselling for students and working professionals, in particular for Engineering Students in Tamil Nadu and Andhra. A particular Australian visa that allowed engineering students an 18 months visa to Australia to work or study was where Shree saw the potential to bridge the gap between the two countries.

Since then she has been working with several government agencies, consulting for skills development and programs for students’ post-graduation. “Every year, over 60,000 engineers graduate in Tamil Nadu alone – all searching for a job or a way to make progress in their careers; some without proper guidance for educational programs and visas. In the current international climate doing an MBA doesn’t cut it anymore. Any MBA is really not worth much anymore overseas without solid work experience,” says Shree. Shree hopes to have active training programs for English, interview skills, work consolidation and train up to 20,000 students in the next 8 years.


Shree has become very passionate about assisting Indian Students and new grads in finding a pathway to higher education. “Many students don’t realize that their course of study is imperative for a possible visa later on, especially for Canada and Australia. It’s what demonstrates their skills,” she adds.

Shree Seeva
Shree Seeva
Co-founder & CEO VYMIGRATE


Through her businesses, Shree aims to train, educate and improve the current cohorts to be more independent and cohesive in their career planning. She is hoping to train another 15,000 students over the next 7 years.

Currently, Vymigrate has its head office in Bangalore and is working on a franchise model, aiming to establish a pan-India, and, eventually, a global network of partners under its brand name. Vymigrate aims to open 80 outlets in the next 18 months. There are plans to include further services such as IELTS training, work placements and business legal advice consulting as well.

Shree’s aim to capture two niche markets is working – she has already got on-board several partners and done a sizeable amount of revenue with a skeleton business structure chalked out from her experience. She works on a high profit – low expenditure model.

“The sheer size and volume of the population of India mean that more people are wanting to move out of the country and that’s where we can provide guidance and advice for students and working professionals…Our face-to-face consultations generally last an hour. We give our clients a clear picture of how things are abroad and what the study situation is like – so it’s very different from a normal consultant who hasn’t set foot outside of India.”

Shree Seeva

Vymigrate is currently working with Australian state and territory offices and links them back to Indian States and territory offices.

Shree and her team currently serve a huge group as her network is professionally more credible to work with colleges and universities for career counseling for higher education and what pathways they should take for visas. Her team has developed a transparent and thorough approach with their products.

Being very active on social media means that she is reaching a huge demographic and really being able to regulate pricing quality of service and assist in further bridging the gap between Australia and India.