Sourcegraph raises $20 million Series A round from Redpoint Ventures and Goldcrest Capital

Sourcegraph, a development environment for programmers that’s designed to make it easier to see who is using which lines of code and where while in the development process, has raised $20 million capital in a Series A funding round from VC firms Redpoint Ventures and Goldcrest Capital. Scott Raney of Redpoint Ventures and Dan Friedland of Goldcrest Capital are joining the board of directors.

The startup stated that “Most companies which build software is broken, programmers write code in single player mode. They fix the same bugs fixed by other developers. Salespeople have tools that help you and the salesperson that lets you collaborate. But if you’re a developer you come in and spend most of your day on an editor, most people don’t know what’s going on. You don’t see what others are writing. All the software developers you do, you go heads down a week or two and then come up for air. At Google and Facebook, it’s way more collaborative. It’s fundamentally a different way of writing”.

Sourcegraph has users and customers doing thinks like self-driving cars, blasting rockets off, and it can make those happen more quickly. The company padded that “These things we’ve wanted to exist, we can make them go faster because the people writing the code can do it better. Within a company, you get to avoid reinventing the wheel. We prototyped a tool that did that, that’s how most developers got to know us.”