Affine: Smart Conversations with ‘ATOM’

Businesses are increasingly relying on analytics for decision-making. This truly is the way forward, if only the decision makers are provided the right analytical support. The situation is further complicated with the fast-evolving environment.

India has currently over a billion mobile subscriptions and more than 30% smartphone users. The digital penetration across much of the developed and developing world is similar or even higher. There is a paradigm shift in the way products & services are being consumed. Businesses are seeing a need to evolve faster and at times completely reinvent themselves to keep pace with the changing world.

The customers of today are moving to text based systems such as social media, chats and blogs along with continued usage of email to voice their opinion and reach out to companies. To help businesses effectively come to terms with this change from the predominantly voice communication era, there is a need for smarter customer management system.

Enter Affine Analytics, a high-end analytics solutions provider. Affine’s latest offering, Automated Text Organizing Machine or ATOM, is a powerful AI based Engine, intuitively designed in line with the requirements of the digital world.

ATOM, Affine’s text analytics product, combines human intelligence with machine learning algorithms to create business solutions centered around interpreting unstructured text data. There are machine learning modules for classifying data, understanding the inherent topic of conversation along with the context and sentiment. These modules have multiple applications and Affine today has developed 2 very specific business use cases:

  • Voice of Customer (VOC) helps in understanding what makes your customers happy, discover how they perceive your product and what motivates them to stick to the brand. It also helps in building a competitive analysis by analyzing what your customers mention and say about the brand. This will help the brand to create loyal and a strong base.
  • Smart Customer Communication Management: Managing customer communication via text based channels (emails, SMS, chat, social media, etc.) is labor intensive and inefficient. ATOM, with its AI based automated processing, can significantly reduce response times while increasing efficiencies and ROI.

Recently launched, ATOM has already received a positive response and is engaged in talks with few clients for a pilot project.

“ATOM was born out of our research focus on upcoming technologies in text analytics using Natural Language Processing algorithms. The automation can enable the data-intensive processes and decisions to move at machine speed and produce far more accurate, reliable and timely results,” says Manas, CEO -Affine, explaining the relevance of automated text organization systems such as ATOM.


About Affine:

Affine is a provider of analytics solutions, working with global organizations solving their strategic and day to day business problems. Today, Affine has 35+ clients ranging from large sized organizations (majorly Fortune 500) to midsized organizations in California and Seattle, USA & India. Affine services multiple functions including Marketing, CRM, CEM, Financial Planning & Analysis, Risk, Merchandising, Operations and Supply Chain Management.