3D printing startup Markforged raises $30 million in a Series C investment round

Markforged, a 3D printing startup specializing in printing carbon fiber and metals, has raised $30 million in a Series C investment round from a clutch of investors including Microsoft Ventures, Posche, and Siemens-backed Next 47. Greg Mark, CEO of Markforged, commented on that deal that “We selected leading global manufacturers at the cutting edge of technology and product development because they are a great fit with our mission to dramatically shorten the time it takes to go from idea to product. We spoke with regular VC’s as well – given our hyper-growth, profitability, and efficiency with which we’ve scaled, there was a lot of interest”.

The company is currently delivering a system for complete metal forging. There are many other metal solutions on the market including massive systems from 3D Systems designed for industrial use. Markforged makes a nearly desktop-sized 3D printer and has discovered that its customers are printing finished parts in metal and factory jigs for CNC cutting and part holding in carbon fiber. By integrating both metal and plastic into the workflow they can reduce the time it takes to get to a finished part.