Vibendo – Tune in to the social vibe

What does man really need for survival – apart from air, food and water, that is? Friends…music…isn’t it? Finally, combining the two elixirs of life on one single platform is a unique startup from the Balkans – Vibendo – a combination of a social network and a music streaming services, enabling users to bond over their favourite music.

Vibendo offers songs of established artists and gives the possibility for all up-coming artists to upload their songs, which makes Vibendo’s music library unique for their users. While enjoying their favorite songs and artists, users can create music posts, comment on their friends’ post and be updated with latest news about their friends and favorite artists.

This unique platform, Vibendo, is a one men show, led by Drasko, a 27-year-old ‘young’ guy with ‘big’ dreams and ideas, living in Switzerland currently. Drasko is very excited about the launch of the beta web application planned for next month.

“Vibendo was at the beginning “just” a chance business opportunity due to the lack of availability of music streaming services in the Balkan and the missing social aspect on the established music streaming platforms. But as I started with it, it became a real passion for me,” recounts Drasko. “It’s indescribable how the feeling is when you have a dream in mind and it becomes step by step true and real.”

Vibendo will soon be launched as a Beta web application. While the whole range of services is yet not revealed, during the beta phase users will be able to scroll a timeline with posts of friends and artists they vibow (follow), and be able to comment, like or share these posts, while they listen to their favorite music. Artists have the same options as users, enabling them to interact with their audience. Another set of people on the platform, the “Next Stars”, will be able to upload their songs directly to the platform and receive immediate feedback from their vibowers (followers).

“During the Beta phase we will take the opportunity to collect feedback from all users and add them to the already planned features we want to implement afterwards,” explains Drasko. “After the beta phase, additional features will be implemented and we will start the monetizing of the platform.”

With Vibendo, each user is a winner. On this platform, not just artists, even the “Next Stars” will be able to earn from their music. The regular users can also monetize their taste in music by sharing their playlists on the platform that will reward the most streamed playlists.

Vibendo aims to create a more active community of music lovers, where they serve themselves with hot playlists and the newest tracks. The revenue model is based on monthly subscription fees and advertising, but the allocation of it differs from other platforms. If a user is listening to the same artist 100% of the time, the artist will get most part of the fee and the rest goes to Vibendo.

“With this user centric licensing, we want to rebuild a stronger relationship between fans and artists, like it is with the physical sales of CD’s. We also have a special feature called “moment catcher” that allows users to connect special moments together with the right song for that moment. Users can also share these moments if they like, or keep them private, revisiting them whenever they desire,” quips Drasko.

Vibendo, currently, is not only competing with music streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music but also with social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. While completely focused on developing Vibendo as a service currently, Drasko believes in learning from the mistakes as well as strategies of the giants while building mutually beneficial, supportive relationships with the emerging players in both the fields.

The journey of Vibendo has been full of milestones, which is proven by the number of pre-registrations and the social media interest it has garnered.

“For the next years, we will focus on our target market to become the leader. We will mainly concentrate on social media where 100% of our target users are. In the future, there are new services planned as well a product, which remains a secret so far. Adding to the excitement is the Vibendo Music Festival and live concerts that will be streamed through the platform to bring our artists and fans nearer together, something we aim to achieve with all our services and products,” concludes Drasko, who has self-funded Vibendo with his 8-5 job.

He seeks to raise funds in the coming months for leaving the beta phase, improving the web app, developing and releasing a smartphone version for Android and iOS, and organizing the first Vibendo Music Festival with our artists and developing new products.