Be There for Your Seniors – Even if You are Miles Away

In any family, tables turn when kids grow up and start worrying about the wellbeing of their parents. As the cycle of life rolls on, the strong and able hands that once used to care and nurture the kids, one day become weak and frail.
In their golden years, people who showered love and attention on their young ones, need the care and attention back from their children. Unfortunately, in such desperate times they usually find themselves alone as their children start living away to make a living and raising a family of their own.
Battling with reduced physical agility and age-bound illnesses, our seniors around the world face the existential threat on a daily basis.

Senior care is one of the most pressing, yet surprisingly ignored issues of our times.

Dr. Devikaa Manghnani, a leading Mumbai based reconstructive surgeon who spends a lot of her time with senior citizens, felt the need to bridge this gap in the senior care space.

“In my profession, I have come across many senior patients who stay alone and are vulnerable not only to sudden illnesses and accidents but also theft and scams,” Says Dr. Devikaa Manghnani, Founder of Senior Safety, a revolutionary mobile application that helps people in remotely tracking their loved ones.
Senior Safety app is a free, simple and unobtrusive app that allows users to remotely monitor the movements and interactions of their loved ones so that they can arrange for help during an emergency.

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Senior-friendly Services

This feature-rich app offers a multi-pronged mechanism to track crises in time and take corrective measures, ensuring a 360-degree senior safety solution even when you are based hundreds of miles away.

SOS Alert: Unforeseen emergencies can turn out to be fatal for the elderly. Whether it is a sudden sickness or a mugging attempt, the SOS alert button on the smartphone of the senior citizen instantly shoots a mail and a message to the emergency contact along with the geographical location of the device. Additionally, the device sets off a high-pitch alarm at maximum volume, instantly attracting the attention of people nearby who would rush for help.

Fall Alert: Stats reveal that over a third of the elder population, above 65 years of age, falls each year, and with advancing age, this risk escalates. Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places for the elderly as the risk of a fall there increases manifolds. Timely help in case of a fall can be the difference between life and death. Senior Safety app comes with a fall alert that notifies the app owner about the fall and the location of the device as soon as the device falls on the ground. You can configure the fall tracker at high, medium or low sensitivity.

Location monitoring with Geo-fence alerts: The Senior Safety app tracks the location of the senior citizen’s device. You can choose to configure a virtual fence around the senior’s usual scope of movement and get notified if the device jumps the fence. With this feature, you can track the number of times a location is visited and records the route and speed of the user. Valuable insights can be obtained by tracking your loved ones’ movements; you can see if they are getting enough exercise, frequency to the doctor’s clinic and so on.

Inactivity Tracker: In today’s time, it is natural for people to check their mobile phones in every few hours. The inactivity tracker sends an alert to the app owner if the user’s phone remains inactive for a long period. You can choose to track anything between 1 and 12 hours of phone inactivity, depending on the user’s phone usage. With every inactivity alert, the location of the device is also sent to the app owner so that help can be directed to the right place without wasting any time.

Low Battery Alert: Phones being central to our existence, we all face a lot of problems when it stops working. Battery discharge is a primary reason for phones to get switched off. Senior Safety app’s low battery alert notifies you about the low battery, and you can immediately inform the same to the device user. From flashlight to entertainment to emergency alerts, smartphones are important tools for senior citizens and must be kept switched on at all times.

Call, Text, App Usage and Location logs: In the past decade, several cases of scams and frauds were reported all over the world. The noteworthy point is that senior citizens become easy prey to such scams. Not anymore. Senior safety app gives you complete, comprehensive logs of calls made, mails exchanged, texts sent, apps used and locations visited, enabling you to keep an eye on frivolous schemes or dubious looking strangers trying to warm up to your elderly parents or in-laws or aunts and uncles.
Available for free on Android Play store, Senior Safety app is one of the most sought-after mobile application in the senior care space and is presently being used to protect thousands of senior citizens across 97 countries around the globe.

The look and feel of the app is very user-friendly, the fonts and buttons are made large for reading ease, and the registering and configuration of the app is a breeze.
The app comes in two variants; the free one features emergency calls, SOS and a daily report on phone calls and texts received and sent. With a nominal charge, you can upgrade your plan to access added features such as app install/uninstall alerts, device management dashboard, fall alert, inactivity alert, battery low alert and alerts when the phone networks change – helpful in the case of tracking a stolen device.

Senior Safety app has proved that a simple idea powered by strong will and cutting-edge technology can really solve big problems of our society in a few taps!

Download Senior Safety app free > Learn more about the Senior Safety App >