SalezShark: Build your own Relationship Cloud for Increased Sales

SalezShark-Launched in 2015, the startup, which is headquartered in Gurgaon, connects a business to its ideal customers by developing an intelligent web of relationship network.

USP of Salezshark over other players – Unlike traditional CRM providers in the market that only handle sales automation, Salezshark is known for its relationship cloud based sales & marketing automation platform that enable organizations to sell more. The startup and its services are at par with some of the major players in the CRM space such as Salesforce and Zoho. 

The USP of Salezshark is its proprietary Relationship Cloud technology that builds an intelligent web of relationship network facilitating easier and faster connections with prospects. It also enables the tracking down of customer response to a particular product or service, their likes and dislikes, spending pattern, etc. Advanced tracking of customer behavior allows a business to form an accurate image of the customer, replete with information such as location, age and gender. Based on the comprehensive set of information, businesses can segment their customer base according to their specific needs and on the basis of their purchasing power.

About Mr. Ajay Chauhan, Founder and Salezshark
SalezShark is the next generation platform for sales, founded in the year 2014, by a team of passionate experts dedicated to transform the CRM space. SalezShark aims at nurturing your business connections, as they believe that strong business relationships hold the key to increased sales. Currently, the company has 75 clients including Neosynapses, Prognosis Digital, Nasscom and more.

The CRM platform recently had a tie-up with Nasscom, offering them business solutions to manage their multiple systems for marketing, events, publications, and member and non-member data. To clinch the tie-up, the company faced stiff competition from established giants such as Salesforce and Microsoft but was eventually shortlisted and awarded the contract to manage the organization’s sales and marketing automation.