Paving the future for faster and reliable Internet service in India

jOKER fiBER, product of Bass Jokernet Private Limited founded in 2015 at Tiruchirappalli, offers ultrafast Internet services through FTTH. Well, you must be aware that India ranked 97th globally with an average speed of 5.6 Mbps as per the Akamai’s State of The Internet for Q4 2016 Report. However, most of the areas received below 512kbps in the said quarter. Particularly in Tamil Nadu, the 28 million Internet consumers in the State receive an average speed 1.15 Mbps, which is less than 80% of India’s average speed.

jOKER fiBER, a fiber based internet service provider in Tiruchirappalli has launched internet services offering speed up to 99Mbps and have plans to increase the speed to 1GBPS in the near future. But how does the team plan to achieve what other Internet providers failed at? Here’s what differentiates JOKER fiBER services from the rest:

  • Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)
  • Till the end of customer premises, the network developed on Optical Fiber.
  • Fully IPv6 based network and also supports IPv4.
  • Multiple back-haul support.
  • Towards to line of Unlimited DATA.

In order to reduce the downtime and ensure smooth installation, operation and after-installation service, the company is focused on achieving process automation through software technologies by developing their own automated Device Installation Software, FTTH Design Software to capture latest technologies in the FTTH field and an automated Support System through bot that will allow frequent follow ups on feedback and suggestions. Soon, the company also plans to launch a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Service.

jOKER fiBER optimizes its automated processes and a high caliber team to offer the following benefits to its customers:

  • Much lower time is consumed on installation
  • The service level agreement on speed is near to 99.99%
  • Reliability on speed and data

To ensure that the abovementioned quality criteria are met, the team follows a strict time-bound service model. The installation of new connections and the pre-sale as well as after-sale support service is completely automated for speedy response. Employees are rewarded for completing projects on time while consumers are compensated if they are not serviced within the prescribed time.

Having tasted success in their city of inception, the company aims to gradually scale their operations to other cities in India. “jOKER fiBER have plans to expand to five Tier II and ten Tier III cities before the end of 2018 and we also plan to expand across Tamil Nadu by 2025,” says Stalin Adaikalam, CEO.

Talking about the cost of the service, the company offers competitively priced packages. It is, however, a known fact that most people rely on Internet so heavily in their daily lives that cost is a small factor in comparison to the assurance of reliable and high speed Internet connectivity.

jOKER fiBER, the first fiber based ISP in Tiruchirappalli is also the first ISP with IPV6 based network in India. The company has developed both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. jOKER fiBER is currently bootstrapped and has been approached by several private investors as well as VC funds.

In-step with the government’s Digital India project, jOKER fiBER aims to deliver faster internet connectivity with economical pricing to every home, making the idea of a Digital India into reality.