ONN Bikes: Self-Ride Motorbike Renting Platform Sets India ‘Truly Mobile.’

Even as India gears up to become one of the world’s top economies; affordable, reliable and hassle-free last mile transportation option has been elusive to its people. Whether it is commuting to office or sightseeing at a tourist hotspot, more often than not, we have to depend upon the erratic auto-rickshaws or expensive cab services to reach to any destination.

Why couldn’t we have a much affordable option of renting a bike whenever we wish, and cruise away?

Well, this is the exact question Namit Jain, founder and CEO of ONN Bikes not just pondered over, but acted upon, too.

“When we go to Goa or Manali, we get the convenient option of renting a self-ride motorbike for any period of time at a price much cheaper than hiring a cab. Why couldn’t we have the same option to commute in other cities of India? And this question became the inspiration behind the launch of ONN Bikes,” reveals Namit, a Chartered Accountant and former executive at PWC.

Helming the technology front, Shanky Munoth, Co-founder and CTO of ONN Bikes shares, “We believed that we could optimise technology to alleviate the real life problem of intra-city or inter-city commuting, and this is how ONN Bikes happened.” Shanky is a seasoned iOS developer and has worked with IT majors like Infosys as well as worked on multiple Apple projects.

Launched in February 2016, ONN Bikes is the perfect solution to the India’s last mile transportation woes. The neat and comprehensive portal allows users to rent self-ride motorbikes on an hourly, daily or weekly basis at a highly affordable price. Presently operating in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Udaipur and Delhi / NCR, ONN Bikes users can choose from a fleet of over 1,000 two-wheelers of various models and brands – from non-geared scooters to high-end motorbikes.

Through a sophisticated and easy-to-browse app – available on Apple iTunes as well as Google Playstore – users can now conveniently select the desired motorbike, choose the duration and opt to get it delivered at their doorstep by a friendly ONN Bikes’ staff. Renting a self-ride motorbike with ONN Bike is truly a breeze.

Operated by Motorcruizer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., ONN Bikes has gained a significant traction in the market in a very short span of time; and at the core of the success of the business is its commitment to provide superior customer service.

“With ONN Bikes, we have flipped the vehicle renting industry in India over its head. Traditionally, it is a service providers’ market, and customers are often taken for a rough ride. But at ONN Bikes, customers get the right to choose his or her favourite ride for any desired duration at prices unheard before. And that’s not all, our clients also get an option to get their rides delivered/picked up from their doorstep,” explains Namit.

Ensuring that the startup becomes commercially viable right from its launch, ONN Bikes chose to cater the B2B clientele early into its operations. The pragmatic startup provides fuel efficient motorbikes to food delivery companies, bike taxi service providers and logistics companies.

However, launching and orchestrating operations has been a challenging task for the founders and core team of ONN Bikes. “It has been a bit of a challenge for us to procure rental licenses for different states, especially when there has been no presence of commercially registered bikes in most states of India,” explains Kunal Gupta, COO, ONN Bikes. “But irrespective of the challenges, we are determined to reach out to all major markets across the country,” he sums up with conviction.

With a seed funding of USD 350,000 from ZNation Labs and subsequent angel funding from Grace Venture Capitals, ONN Bikes is busy enhancing its technological prowess and expanding service to other locations.

“We plan to expand to 10 new cities by the end of 2017, covering metros as well as tourist destinations. Our immediate expansion focus is in cities like Shimla, Chennai, Pondicherry, Mysore and Ahmedabad,” reveals Akash Singal, CMO, ONN Bikes.

The ONN Bikes team is also working hard to keep the fleet portfolio diversified by adding two new models each month, and plans to introduce electric bikes in its fleet shortly, too. Furthermore, the startup aims to add the ride sharing feature to its offerings by the end of the year.

Riding way ahead of the unorganised competition with unique features like doorstep delivery and a comprehensive insurance policy for users, coupled with super low pricing, ONN Bikes has further evolved into a complete ecosystem of motorbikes by launching riding gears & merchandise and venturing in the tour organising business.

Well, with an open road of opportunity, this startup is on its way to chart a great run on two-wheels!