Avenue Growth: India’s first Customer Acquisition solution that accelerates growth of Digital/SaaS brands

Avenue Growth aggregates the most talented and skilled sales professionals from across the country and channelizes them to enable the vast universe software development companies (in India and abroad) to reach out to their consumers anywhere in India. This is very popular model internationally (USA, UK, Germany etc.) and will surely prove disruptive in the Indian market. Software companies (small, medium or large) can now focus on what they do best, writing codes, developing the best solution and for sales, Growth Avenues will ensure that they have instant access to a large, talented, experienced, scalable and ready-to-deploy sales force-anytime, anywhere.

“The objective is to provide speedy market access to software companies through a scalable sales-force solution. Avenue Growth offers a zero risk model – requires no financial commitment from brands. Avenue Growth offers a transactional revenue model where brands pay on successful closure of the sale,” says Rachit Mathur, Co founder & CEO, Avenue Growth.

  • Rachit Mathur, Co founder & CEO, Avenue Growth

    Rachit Mathur
    Cofounder & CEO

Business model & USP
The platform provides a bridge that brings together the Software development companies and the best sales talent from across India. It is a business and talent aggregator:

  • A software development company approaches Avenue Growth to sell its product(s) at specified locations.
  • Software sales professionals (with minimum 5 years work experience) from across India enlist on the platfrom voluntarily as Growth Specialists.
  • They register on Avenue Growth app. The client (software company) is also given a customized Brand dashboard.
  • Based on the requirements of the client and their experience, area of operation and inclination, Growth Specialists are assigned to the client(s).
  • Through the brand dashboard client can share leads and brief the on-ground team about the product or solution. He can also track the progress of the sales process.
  • Success Parameters are set in tandem with client’s brief.
  • The client pays on the successful closure of the sale, Avenue Growth deducts 25-40% of the commission rest is shared with Growth Specialist.
  • Advantage – Software Development company:

  • No financial burden for geographical expansion of sales operations
  • The company can instantly ramp-up its operations
  • A boon for small and medium sized companies as they now have access to seasoned sales talent without any financial burden
  • Fully scalable model – can be expanded or curtailed any time.
  • No headaches of managing people and other related issues with hiring a sales force.
  • Access to seasoned & curated sales professionals
    “Based on the client requirement and area of operation we assign the right Growth Specialist(s). This is done after we have thoroughly varified the credentials of each Growth Specialist and rated him/her internally on various critical parameters viz work experience, qualifications, past performace, social profile etc.,” says Dilkash Malhotra, Cofounder & COO, Avenue Growth

    • Dilkash Malhotra, Cofounder & COO, Avenue Growth

      Dilkash Malhotra
      Cofounder & COO

    Advantage – Sales professionals

  • Leverage their experience, network and monetize the free-time
  • Expand their horizons while being in a secure job –could opt for new verticals.
  • Diversify the skill-set and familiarize with new technologies with a wider range of products to sell
  • Opportunities for work for leading brands and enhance their profile to boost the career trajectory