IF&BUT – A marketplace for women; by women!

Today, the market is flooded with local and international women’s clothing brands, and e-commerce biggies sell trending clothes for females by hundreds each minute. Is there any space for a new women’s apparel venture in this already crammed-up market?

Yes, there is. If the concept is unique and the products heart-winning.

IF&BUT, an initiative of the Prayaas Fashion Out of Focus LLP, is one such unique startup that is making waves in the women’s clothing space in India as much for its peerless concept as for its rare and beautiful ethnic women wear.

“We found a gap between what Indian women most cherished and what the market was offering them,” explains Vishal Krishnan, Founder & CEO, Prayaas Fashion Out of Focus LLP, “Almost every part of India has cultivated its traditional artwork and culture that best reflects in the local attire. We are striving to bring forth the local designs, patterns and styles from every part of the country through our platform, IF&BUT.”

Vishal is a veteran financial services & banking professional and has served at leading positions in organizations like MoneyGram and HSBC before becoming an entrepreneur.

Founded in mid-2017, the young startup makes a special effort in reaching out to the traditional/ethnic hotbed of each state to produce fine quality women’s clothing with the stamp of local cultural heritage in its cut, design and pattern.

IF&BUT achieves this colossal feat by partnering young and spirited entrepreneurs-cum-fashion designers from various states who can best transcend their area’s traditional designs to modern-day garments.

“Our Brand’s theme – ‘Her Choice. Her Style.’ – is aimed at female consumers. Our women-centric startup not only provides a one-stop-shop for ladies’ fashion, it also generates employment for thousands of female craftsperson, giving them the freedom they deserve,” says Vishal.

With a noble intent to empower women across all geographies and backgrounds, IF&BUT is serving the womenfolk by providing them out-of-box designs and styles at an affordable price.

“We believe in providing complete empowerment to women. As most of our fashion designers and all our customers are women, we pride ourselves on being a conduit of the feminine assertion that flows from the creator to user,” reveals Vishal.

Since its inception in September 2017, the fledgling startup has received immense support from its audience with over 6,000 followers on Facebook and growing. The brand has a good presence across different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well. Their webpage receives traffic of 100+ visitors on a daily basis.

To further extend its reach, IF&BUT has also got their products listed with online biggies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. The brand is an online partner for Uni Charm India products such as Mammy Pogo Pants and sanitary products for women.

With quality and affordability as their USPs, the brand offers garments designed by talented young fashion designers from various parts of India who believe in entrepreneurship. It also offers handmade products from various states of India – making the unique cultural crafts accessible locally and globally.

As per a Forbes report, women are the world’s most powerful consumers, and this status-quo is here to stay. Ernst & Young reports that the global incomes of women are predicted to reach a staggering US$18 trillion by 2018.

Having such a sizeable market to cater, IF&BUT is undoubtedly serving the most rewarding target audience.

Indeed, IF&BUT fills a large gap in the market by creating a women-only marketplace catering to the needs of females in all age groups. Be it sanitary products for women or a chaniya choli from Gujarat; finally, women can find anything and everything they require under one roof, with just a few clicks!