Google acquired the eye tracking interface startup Eyefluence

Continuing with it focus on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology, Google acquired an eye tracking interface startup Eyefluence for an undisclosed sum. The startup was founded by Jim Marggraff, serial entrepreneur, in 2013, and have raised $21.6 million funds in two rounds till date. A $7.6 million Series A fund was raised from Intel Capital, who was the sole investor in that round. The Series B fund, some $14 million closed in November 2015, was led by Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, with participation from NHN Investment, Dolby Family Ventures, and Jazz Venture Partners.

The acquisition is among a number of AR/VR startups acquired by Google. The firm is expected to leverage Eyefluence’s technology for its newly launched Pixel phone line, which currently is using VR capabilities enabled by Daydream VR.

Developing Virtual/Augmented reality landscape has become the top priority most for major technology firms.

Google – The firm is currently producing Daydream VR headset for its Pixel Android phones, and is also involved in other VR activities thought its Project Tango. The company also has investment is Magic Leap, an AR startup which recently received a $4.5 billion valuation.

Facebook – It is advancing in the field thought its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus in 2014.

Microsoft – It unveiled HoloLens, a self-contained Augmented Reality headset, last year. The company also leveraged its AR/VR expertise in Xbox consoles.

Apple – The biggest technology company of the world have acquired a number of AR/VR startups such as Primesense, Metiao and FaceShift, and have also filed numerous patents recently.

Besides these, other firms such as Intel, HP, Foxconn, Samsung and others are also actively working toward creating an effective AR/VR capability.

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