eBay launches new authentication program for fashion goods verification

eBay, the global markeplace, is launching a new authentication program, called simply eBay Authenticate, which will allow sellers to opt in to have their goods verified. In this, buyers will be able to see that the items will be authenticated when viewing listings, a move aimed at boosting consumer trust, as well as increasing the prices sellers can charge. Laura Chambers, Vice President of eBay Consumer Selling, commented that “We know that many shoppers may be hesitant to purchase high-end products online. This service is designed to help quell some of those concerns – and in turn – enhance the opportunity for our sellers to get top dollar for their items”.

To use the program, sellers can opt in for a fee when listing their products. When the item sells, it will be first sent to a professional authenticator to pass inspection before being forwarded to the buyer. As a bonus, if the item fails inspection, eBay will refund the buyer double the cost of the item price. This extra protection may encourage buyers to shop on eBay, instead of other online competitors. Even if sellers don’t opt in, there will be some categories where buyers can choose to use the authentication service for themselves, for a fee.