Cloudflare acquires mobile VPN startup Neumob to strengthen its mobile presence

Cloudflare, the content delivery network and internet security services provider, has acquired Neumob, a mobile VPN startup, to strengthen its web presence in the mobile industry segment. Up until now, Cloudflare has concentrated on helping its customers have a faster, safer and more efficient web presence. By acquiring Neumob, it allows them to expand that coverage to mobile as well, which was very attractive to the company. The mobile VPM startup, founded in 2015, gives users a faster mobile VPN experience that purports to save battery life by reducing the necessity to keep pinging the network.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, commented that “It’s just a natural synergistic relationship that their technology combined with our network will allow the technology to grow even faster. The Neumob engineering team has joined Cloudflare with the goal of optimizing their products to work on the Cloudflare network. The Neumob website will shut down today and the products will no longer be available to the public until they are rereleased later this year or toward the beginning of 2018 under the Cloudflare brand”. Founded in 2009, Cloudflare has acquired three other startups before overtaking Neumob.