Amazon ventures into shoes and handbags with its fashion label “The Fix”

Amazon, the world’s largest ecommerce players, is expanding its presence in the fashion industry with the launch of yet another private label brand, The Fix. The new label for Prime members is aimed at women and features shoes and handbags inspired by designer trends, but available at discounted prices. However, The Fix isn’t Amazon’s first entry into the handbags space – Amazon’s women’s workwear line Society New York also has a few in its collection. But it is the first-time Amazon has launched a collection that’s just focused on women’s shoes and handbags, not clothing.

The launch comes at a time when Amazon is preparing to roll out its own Stitch Fix competitor, Amazon Prime Wardrobe, possibly ahead of Stitch Fix’s expected IPO. But unlike Stitch Fix, which uses stylists to curate boxes shipped monthly, Prime Wardrobe instead will allow shoppers to fill boxes with clothes and shoes and other items for home try-on. Those items they don’t like can then be easily returned.

The development is in sync with the retailer’s ambition to focus on fashion as its next big growth avenue. It has been acquiring other niche players in the bid to expand fashion portfolio.