Airbnb to acquire Trooly Inc.

According to reports from Bloomberg, Airbnb Inc. is purchasing background-check startup Trooly Inc. in an effort to protect its guests and hosts from bad actors.

Trooly uses available data, typically publicly-available information and information from digital footprints in order to understand their personality and behavior traits of consumers. These traits are then used for trust & safety management applications, risk assessment, customer relationship management and beyond.

In addition to this, Trooly offers a Trooly score, which is a resource to demonstrate an individual’s strengths and trustworthiness to communities and companies that they may be interested in building a relationship with. In addition, Trooly’s data gives valuable insight into one’s online footprint and persona actually look like as a whole.

Trooly which was founded in 2014 has raised multiple rounds of funding. Its main investors are Bain Capital Ventures and Milliways Ventures. A couple of examples of startups entering this space in recent years include UK startup Onfido and US based Checkr.

According to Bloomberg, “Airbnb is purchasing Trooly’s intellectual property and engineering team, according to people familiar with the situation. The home-rental site is expected to close the deal on Monday when Trooly will shut down operations as an independent company, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private.”